Cooking is economical, creative, and far healthier than eating out (or ordering in).  I also truly believe it's something everyone can learn and enjoy. I provide a nurturing, fun learning environment for students of all types and abilities.

Urban Kitchen Coaching

Do you want to rock at cooking for yourself and your partner/family? Do you want to feel like you OWN your kitchen and the things within it? Do you want to stop throwing away groceries you spent good money on? Do you want to use your (perhaps tiny) cooking space to its fullest potential? Do you want a Bad Ass Urban Cookery Fairy to whisper over your shoulder, guiding you along the path of homemade, self-sufficient bliss?

Introducing: Urban Kitchen Coaching, taught by me (your fairy). Through this tailored program, you will learn to cook AND how to manage your kitchen and budget so that cooking doesn't feel like a drag. I come to YOU so that we can come up with a plan works with what you've got. 

These classes are meant for individuals and couples, but I'm open to discussing small group rates. They're best suited for those who are beginning to intermediate home cooks and emphasize whole, nutritious foods.

Pricing: $400/two sessions + initial consultation
(Good for one or two students - additional students $100 extra)

Your package includes four main components:

1. Consultation: We'll spend time by phone or email creating a custom plan based on your diet, preferences, needs, and schedule. I'm happy to work with dietary restrictions! I'll also provide you with some helpful tools and worksheets, including a pantry list, a recommended cooking tools list, and my favorite cooking tips. 

2. Let's cook! This session is designed to teach you some hard & fast kitchen basics so you can feel empowered. You'll receive curriculum from me and lots (and lots!) of encouragement. In this session, we'll take a look at your cupboards (and organize as necessary), chat grocery shopping and meal planning strategy, learn knife skills, and cover other cooking basics like balancing flavor, seasoning, and how to use recipes. We'll also cook together, of course - and yes, you get to eat all the food afterward. (3 hours)

3. Deep Dive: Depending on your needs, we'll either continue with "the basics" or move on to specific skills you want to learn. (2 hours)

4. Follow Up: We'll keep in touch as needed. I make myself available by text and email for cooking clients who have questions or challenges after the fact. You'll also be subscribed to my once-monthly newsletter (if you want!) which provides cooking tips, "unrecipes," and other recommendations.


Group Cooking classes

Gather your friends or colleagues for a 3-4 hour cooking class in a casual, fun environment. These classes are more surface-level, but attendees will still walk away with a ton of new tricks.

Here are some ideas:

  • Learn to roll spring rolls with a bajillion fillings and sauces
  • Learn to master pie dough (and filling!)
  • Learn the tricks of throwing a great dinner party
  • Cook a 3-course meal with your team and enjoy your spoils afterward


Group classes range from $50-100/person plus the cost of food. Classes may be hosted in your space or I can help find you one. Please note that venue fees often apply in addition to my fee.

Special events

Every once in awhile I host a special cooking class event. Sign up here to be one of those-in-the-know.


  • fruit pie baking
  • bone broth class
  • dinner party classes
  • fermentation classes