I provide private chef services in San Francisco and the East Bay, because every once in awhile, it's nice to have someone else do the cooking. Enjoy gorgeous, unfussy food - with no shopping or dishes. 

I'm a private event chef who specializes in seasonal, vibrant food. Set the table yourself or let me handle it all - I'll work with you to create your perfect evening.  From summer brunches to holiday feasts - peruse the menus below to get an idea of what we can create together.

Sample Brunch Menus


coconut chia pudding with
hibiscus rhubarb compote /
asparagus croque monsieur /
anise-broiled grapefruit with
elderflower yogurt


Tartine assortment:
homemade bread & toppings:
(ricotta, honey, figs)
(avocado, fried shallots, furikake)
(cultured butter, radish, lemon salt)
(almond butter, house made apricot ginger jam)


stone fruit, coriander, lemon balm salad /
swiss chard pancakes, poached egg, rosemary sausage, pickled radish /
rooibos & pear scones


vegan chocolate champurrado /
savoury oat and buckwheat porridge, fried egg, garlicky greens, chile oil /
citrus & fennel slaw

Dinner Party


spring leek soup, roasted onion puree,
crispy fried lentils /
lemon risotto, green goddess chicken, fried asparagus, pine nut /
olive oil cake, rhubarb compote, lemon balm creme fraiche


heirloom tomato gazpacho with sudden death hot sauce granita + basil oil /
grilled halloumi & summer vegetable towerswith mixed herb pistou + black lava salt /
corn & parmesan fritter, flatiron steak, shishito pepper,  cilantro chutney /
rosewater & honey poached peaches, spelt shortcake, cardamom panna cotta


Heidi Swanson's carrot salad /
late tomato & couscous party /
morrocan spiced meatballs /
earl grey panna cotta + poached pears
+ hazelnut brittle


persimmon, mint, pomegranate,  lime salad /
clams: cream, greens, & farro /
porcini & sage crusted beef tenderloin, potatoes domino, wild blueberry sauce /
roasted kumquat trifle, white chocolate whip


Holiday Cocktail Fete

ahi, sriracha, sesame, avocado creme, served on a watermelon radish /
hot dates: marcona almond, goat cheese, bacon /
crab cake, aji amarillo dip /
miso butternut spring rolls: coconut chip, herbs, tahini dip /
buckwheat blinis: creme fraiche, salmon, dill /
crostini with chicken liver mousse, apple orbs

Space Themed Dinner

solar system salad - each planet represented by a vegetable on nori "space" base /
"Moon & Stars" - 6 minute egg moon, polenta stars, slow roasted pork belly /
galaxy cake! black chocolate, white sprinkles, edible star confetti

Cold Buffet for 25

a red salad: cherry, strawberry, coriander,
& nasturtium /
a green salad: farro, asparagus, arugula, herbs, green goddess, almond /
a white salad: fingerling potato, quail eggs, pickled onion, fennel /
garam masala chicken sandwich /
mung bean hummus & grilled vegetable sandwich /
apricot and goat cheese tartlets