7S Supper Club Storytelling Series

Storytelling is how we survive. The story feeds the spirit, the imagination. I can’t imagine life without stories, stories from my parents, my culture. Stories from other people’s parents, their culture. That’s how we learn from each other, it’s the best way...it connects us, heart to heart
— Alice Walker

Hey everyone! I have something to admit.

Sometimes dinner parties aren't that fun for some people.

It's an odd thing to say considering the whole premise of my Supper Club assumes that any ol' group of strangers should be able to get along fabulously (especially after the first glass of wine), but sometimes group dynamics either don't click or leave one or more people feeling edged out of the conversation. 

In the past, I've attempted to mitigate this risk by putting out butcher paper & crayons for idle hands to play with. Lately, I've been thinking about more intentional ways of making sure that the conversation remains relevant for everyone present. The word "theme" kind of scares me off (I'm one of very few San Franciscans who avoids costumes), but I wanted there to be a common thread.

Inspired by The Yellow Table (thanks for the tip, Heather!), I decided to start a series of storytelling dinners. Telling a great story is an art, and it's also leaps and bounds more interesting than any "I work for this company" or "I've been to 25 countries" blither blather. I hope the stories that unravel over dinner will be every bit as juicy as the fruit course!

The first storytelling series topic will be (appropriately enough): "FIRSTS." Dinner will be served at 7pm on August 14th.

Start thinking of your stories now and I'll start planning the menu!