October Menu

Photo courtesy of Seth Minard

Photo courtesy of Seth Minard

Last weekend marked the fall equinox, which I spent hiking to Sykes Hot Springs in Big Sur. On mile 10 of the 11-mile hike back, we noted that the silty black trail had been scattered with a layer of golden and ochre leaves. Their smell instantly recalled Halloweens and hay rides past and I got a little goofy with joy. 

We don't get a whole lot of fall leaves in San Francisco (sadly), so we'll have to mark its presence by eating its fruits instead. Here's the menu I put together accordingly for my next Supper Club:

This meal is gluten free and a vegetarian option is available. Wine will be plentiful but more is always welcome. Seat can be purchased here and if you bring a friend or partner they're half off (just use the code "sykes").

Hope to see you there,