Canada Night | February 23rd

For this 7S Supper Club meal, I’m going back to my roots and making a family recipe. My mother was born on the rocky, frigid island of Newfoundland, Canada. It’s a proud type of place, known for Newfoundland dogs, Irish heritage, and codfish. Newfoundlanders have always been good about gettin’ by with what they had, and what they had was not much (except for a mighty ton of fish). Soups have always been my favorite way to use what would otherwise be thrown away - something I learned from my mom, who learned from hers, who learned from hers. There’s a lot of nutrition in bones, and flavor, too. To my family, a pot of soup was a way to feed a big family (6 children!) with very little. 

To honor them and my heritage, I’ll be cooking up a big pot of brothy fish and clam chowder, serving it with thick slices of homemade bread with even thicker slices of homemade butter smeared on top, and a traditional dessert from another island on the opposite side of Canada called Nanaimo. We’ll wash it all down with Shandys, a light beer cocktail.

Hope to see you there!


Fiddlehead Fern Salad


Clam & whitefish chowder (not vegetarian)

Homemade bread (Nana’s recipe, hopefully)

Homemade butter


Nanaimo Bars - a classic Canadian treat