Let's Share Some Stuff

Hey y’all.

Wanted to do a quick check-in / update on the 7S world. I have been trying to move from Oakland to San Francisco for the past 2.5 months - an exhausting and downright silly game that has wiped my energy and calendar. Therefore - Supper Club has been sadly neglected until I have a space (a HOME!) I can host in once again.

That said, not all is quiet on this front, oh no. For the past couple months, I’ve been more and more involved in an evolving conversation about the so-called “sharing economy,” a new business model (pioneered by SF-based companies such as Lyft and AirBnB) that’s disrupting traditional forms of commerce. You may know that I host my dinners through a rad new website called Feastly, which is growing quickly. Feastly is one of a handful of companies that media outlets are thrusting their cameras and ballpoint pens at, because it’s an excellent example of the way (mostly urban) culture is evolving the way we think about consumption and resources. It’s a pivotal moment here in the bay, where housing prices are ABSURD (let me tell ya from personal experience) and sharing resources makes more and more sense. WIRED Magazine did a great cover story on it this month, for which I - as a Feastly chef - was interviewed (sadly, they didn’t use any of my brilliant and insightful quips).

I had some experience talking about the sharing economy already. In late February, a documentary film team spent 10 whole hours following me around as a shopped for, prepared, and served a dinner to seven guests. It’s a bizzare experience having a camera in your face for that long - I’ve never babbled so much. Their film, Shareconomy, is examining the implications of this radical change - and I’ll be a “character” in it! Their blog has some pretty good stuff if you’re interested in learning more.

Finally, through this *hellish* house hunting process, I heard about a new company that’s doing bold things in the world of housing and sharing skills & resources - it’s called Campus. I’m not sure yet how I’ll be taking part in it, but it’s a fantastic product of the collision between a crazy housing bubble, a city of young & energetic tech heads, and the desire we all have (especially since everyone here is from somewhere else) to have a community.

I don’t know where this is all going yet, but it’s exciting. When Supper Club comes back, it will come back BIG, I promise.

'Til then dear strangers,