November menu: Fruits & Roots


This month’s menu celebrates the fruits & roots of fall. How many do you count, my dear hungry strangers? -Sophie

Cranberry margaritas w/ homemade cranberry jam & Chinese five-spice (I walked away from a work function with a bottle of Clase Azul - help me kill it!)

Bread & cheese w/ ginger-ku
mquat preserves

Carrots & turnips w/ bagna cauda


Persimmon pomegranate salad w/ mint & lime (my mom’s famous recipe)

Pork tenderloin medallions cooked w/ apple & sage and served with Asian pear chutney

Beet, potato, and beet greens gratin

Maple roasted squash w/ pepitas gremolata

Cornbread w/ caramelized onions & apples

Pear & pomegranate pie served a la mode